Harvest Land Farm Management Guide, Maximize Your Profit and Growth!

harvest land farm management guide

Today, IGOGAM would like to show you how to manage your farm in Harvest Land in order to get more profit and to grow your farm bigger. This guide is never shared before and we can sure it would be useful for a newbie who wants to know managing their farm.

Actually, it is already given in the tutorial but it is just the basic of farm management. Now, we are going to take it more advance. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Maximize Your Worker

This is the most important thing, we will have 3 workers for the first time. Then, we have to maximize their work because they are completely important to help us manage our farm automatically.

Do not let one of you workers idle because you have a mission to make your farm bigger. Right?

Do not Miss Any Merchant

This is the most important, we will have a buyer which come from another island. They are in a small boat near our port. You can tap on them to see what product they are looking for. Then, you can process it further with your worker’s help. Make sure you earn lots of coins from them because it can grow your farm bigger by buying a new farm plot or building.

Clean Trees and Stone to Give Extra Space

At the first time, your land would be fulfilled with many trees and stones. You have to clear them all from your land as it could give extra space to build another farm plot or building. Make sure you do this at first because this is truly important. It is useless if you have many coins but you do not have any space to place any farm plots or buildings.

Process Raw Material into Products

Do you know if you sell products it would give extra coins for you? rather than selling raw material such as wood, corn, wheat and so on. For example, you go process wheat into bread then you can sell it for 4 times more. Then, you can process wood into plank.

Save Your Crystals for Something Useful

Do not spend your crystals to buy additional workers. Please keep in mind, if you buy them. They will not stay forever. They only do a single job then you have to pay 10 crystals for it. Make sure you spend your crystals wisely if you are not a paid player. Except you are using our Harvest Land hack.

Hopefully, this Harvest Land farm management guide can be useful for you while playing this game. Do not do any mistakes in this game as it could be a problem for your future play. Make sure you follow all those steps above.


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