Harvest Land Hack, Brilliant Steps to Get Free Crystals

Harvest Land Hack

Harvest Land hack is really popular this day. Everyone tends to search this on many search engines. It encourages us to create the hack tool which can help you to get free gold. All we can say, this one is the brilliant steps to hack Harvest Land.

Crystals have many functions in this game. The main important thing, it can help us to expand our land. Not only that one, all the pending construction can be built within a sec if we spend our crystals. That is why you have to get free crystals from our hack.

Using our Harvest Land tool will help you to get everything you need in this game. This tool has been built for free. We do not require our user to pay us but if you think it is useful for you. You can give a little donation to us. Every penny we earn would be useful to cover all server cost.

Supported Platform

Currently, we support IOS and Android platform. It covers all platform that this game has. So, you do not need to worry whether is it work or not on your current device.

Available Package

All available package on our Harvest Land hack comes from various amount but all the package listed based on in-app purchase itself.

Crystals Package Gold Package
340 500
935 1100
2040 3000
5525 6500
11900 17500
22500 37500


You are free to select how many crystals and gold would you like to generate from our Harvest Land hack. We know it is quite unbelievable but we wish you give a try before saying anything about our generator because we can ensure you would be amazed at using this one.

How to Hack Harvest Land

In this section, we will tell you how to use our Harvest Land hack. Do not worry, it would be simple to do. Now, you have just need to follow our guide below.

Click on the access button above. Then, you will be redirected to the generator page where you need to create a connection.

How to Hack Harvest Land - Step1

When you have done making a connection. Then you will be redirected to the main core page.How to Hack Harvest Land - Step2

In the page above, you have to fill out how many crystals and gold you want to have. Make sure you give a try to the smallest one. Then click “Generate” button.How to Hack Harvest Land - Step3

Fill your username and platform. Then, click “Continue” to go into the hacking process.How to Hack Harvest Land - Step4

When you are in the hacking process. It may take a few minutes before you have your free crystals and gold.How to Hack Harvest Land - Step5

This one is the final step where it means we have received our request successfully into our Harvest Land account.

Now, you can give a try by yourself and prove it whether it works or not. Do not be surprised if they really do what they have promised. Hopefully, this Harvest Land hack tool can be useful for you. We hope you enjoy all the hack and play this game easily without any obstacles. No more spending our money on their in-app purchase system since we can get everything for free here.



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