Harvest Land Leveling Guide, how to Reach LV 20 in just a Day

Harvest Land Leveling Guide

Leveling in Harvest Land is quite difficult if we do not know what we have to do in this game. Basically, when you do harvesting crops, trading, take care your animals, chopping trees, and so on. It will give us an experience to our account but we have to maximize it. That is why we create this Harvest Land leveling guide.

We create this guide to whom who want to reach lv 20 in just a day. We have tested this one and it works like a charm. So, you have just to follow the steps below.

Maximize Your Trading

Trading is the easiest one in this game but we must have enough materials when we want to exchange our material into gold coins. That is why you have to maximize your farming management as it can help us to get more materials and products to sell to the merchant.

Plant Wheat as Many as You Can

Wheat is the shortest plant which we can harvest within a min. It gives us more experience and also some stuff that we can collect. By planting this crops, you have to ensure that you have many wheat seeds but do not worry about it. As we can gather it when harvesting wheat.

Process Bread then Sell it

Almost every merchant needs bread when they visit your island but it depends on their needs also. By processing bread it can give us more experience. Besides that, the processing time is also short so it would be great to help to level our character to the max.

Clean Your Farm

Chopping trees, digging grass, or breaking stone will help us to get many experiences. You can send your worker to do that for you. This is the most important part if you want to get high level into your account. Besides much experiences we receive, we will also receive some great stuff there.

Trade with Dwarf

Check all your lands as Dward may visit your land then we could exchange it for a great stuff. If you are lucky, you can get many experiences from him but make sure you have enough gold coins as he will ask it first.

Spend Crystals to Fasten Everything

Do you know crystals is the most important currency in this game as we can fasten anything as we want? It would automatically finish building time construction, harvesting time, and so on. You can refer to Harvest Land hack tool to get unlimited crystals. Do not miss this opportunity, click the link before!

That is all, what we can share with you about how to increase your level in Harvest Land. If you follow all the steps above we can ensure you can increase your level in a short time. Do not forget to share this if it is useful.


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