Hill Climb Racing Beginners Guide || Know Your Vehicle Right Away!

hill climb racing beginners guide

Hill Climb Racing indeed one of the unique game on Play Store. For you who already tried, you must have the same thought as us. You will meet tons of vehicles which you can try right away. Do not forget the ridiculous stage that makes everyone laugh. In this occasion, we would like to offer you Hill Climb Racing Beginners guide. For people who confuse about it, you can see the guide below to get the answer!

Beginners Guide

Choose Different Vehicles for Each Stage!

hill climb racing dessert area

Even though you like the certain car do not use it frequently or you will never pass another stage. For example in the desert stage, you cannot use a tank because you only love it. Remember, this game has a time limit to reach the finish line. Are you sure do you want to use the slow tank to pass through the desert? You must be joking! Each stage have a suitable vehicle which you can use. That is why see the requirement before you begin the stage.

Upgrade Your Vehicle Frequently

You need diligently upgrade your vehicle while having the chance. Do not waste your precious currency into something you do not need. The important thing why you should upgrade it because to increase the balance of it. For example like bicycle who has a terrible balance. If you are not careful to ride it, you will fall off and game over screen awaits you. As for the engine, it is not really important. If you choose the suitable vehicle, do not need to worry about that thing.

Start Slowly At First

Press the pedal slowly, do not start at high speed. This is to prevent an accident. In the beginning, just check your surroundings, if you do not find anything dangerous it is the right time to increase your vehicle speed. Keep calm is the key to victory in this game. Do not need to worry about the time limit, if you be careful and do not do anything useless, you will arrive on time to the finish line.

Perform a Trick

hill climb racing tricks

Each vehicle can perform a trick. For examples like a bicycle which can do a backflip or insane air flip. If you manage to do both or more, you will get a double score depend on your trick. Of course, as the result, your reward will get better. Take advantages of this one to get more coins guys!

Final Words

This game is really something. Through the uniqueness, it can show a great gameplay. Now, your problem solved with our guide above. We almost reach the end, we have the special present which you can use. It is about Hill Climb Racing hack. Be sure to use it if you have difficulty!


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