Hill Climb Racing Review | An Interesting Racing Game from Fingersoft

hill climb racing review

Do you love every game which has a relation to a car? Then, you should try Hill Climb Racing game immediately. The game which developed by Fingersoft for both Android and iOS platform is really addicting and is different than any other racing game. Also, it is very suitable as a time killer when we do not have any activities to do or when we are traveling to a faraway place. Now, in this Hill Climb Racing review, we are going to share the information about it starting from the gameplay, graphics, and also the pros and cons of it.


The point of Hill Climb Racing game is really simple where we just need to collect as many Coins as we can while driving on a stage without flipping over which will end our effort. But, it is not as easy as you can imagine as the car is quite difficult to control especially when it jumps and we have to land it carefully. So, check out our Hill Climb Racing beginners guide first before you start playing it.

hill climb racing gameplay

Then, while we are driving or even when we are not moving at all, the car will consume the gas which drains quite fast. So, we need to drive as fast as we can to replenish the car’s gas by picking up the gas canister which available along the way. If we are out of gas, it will end our journey.

Coins can be collected along the way where each of it will have a different from one to another. And we can also get bonus Coins if we are successful in performing some tricks, doing a maneuver in the air, or accomplishing a set distance on each stage. This game also has a shop where we can spend our real money to get a lot of Coins in no time. But, rather buying those Coins, we recommend you use Hill Climb Racing Hack to get them.

Vehicles, Upgrades, and New Stages

All those Coins that we have collected can be used to buy some new vehicles. Or we can still use our old vehicle and upgrade all of its parts so it can be better and easier to control (Check out our Hill Climb Racing upgrade guide for more information about the upgrade).

hill climb racing upgrade

Then, if we have enough Coins, there is no harm at all to unlock some new stages which available in this game. By unlocking the stages, we can play in a different location which is more exciting and challenging.


Garage is the latest feature in this game where we can create our own car by customizing some parts. But, this feature is a little bit commercial as we need to unlock this feature first for 300 Gems (the premium currency). Of course, we need to spend our real money to get all those Gems.

hill climb racing garage


Moreover, we also need to use those Gems as well to get the parts that will be used to create the car. And the parts also have a rank starting from Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The better the rank, the better the performance of the car will be.


There is nothing special about this aspect because this game just uses a simple 2D graphics. But, the graphics are quite eye-catching as it uses a lot of colorful and sharp colors. For the kids, we think that this aspect is already good or even amazing. Overall, the graphics are good enough because of its smoothness.


  • Addicting gameplay.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • A lot of unique features.
  • Easy to play for all ages.
  • Free to play.


  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • The use of Gems to unlock the garage is not suitable for kids.
  • Not much further update.

Final Words

Now, you already know all the information you need to know about this game, right? Then, let us download it from your Android or iOS device and play it immediately. You will get a lot of excitement while you are playing it.


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