Hill Climb Racing Upgrade Guide | Check This Out to Help You Improve Your Vehicle!

hill climb racing upgrade guide

Players often meet a difficulty while playing this game on a certain level because their vehicle’s performance is not good enough. It is because they have not upgraded the four upgrade areas of their vehicle including the engine, suspension, tires, and 4WD/downforce/fuel capacity/mid-air control (the fourth upgrade depends on the vehicle that we use). And in this good moment, we would like to share Hill Climb Racing upgrade guide to help you in improving your vehicle’s performance.

About the Upgrade Areas

Here, we will give you a brief explanation of all the four upgrade areas which are upgradable.

hill climb racing upgradable parts

Engine: Speed is one of the most important elements of a vehicle. And the engine is the one which has the most significant part of increasing the vehicle’s speed. This one will boost your vehicle’s power so it can run faster and climb a higher hill. Also, you can jump higher than before and perform more tricks to get a better bonus.

Suspension: Stability is also an important thing that cannot be ruled out. You need the vehicle to be stable when landing so you do not need to worry to make a jump. That is why you need to upgrade the suspension in order to get that stability. If you do not upgrade this part, your vehicle will be easily roll over.

Tires: This area will need an improvement if you are about to make your vehicle faster. A high-level engine is not enough if you do not have qualified tires. Just for information that this part is the one that will distribute the power issued by the engine. People usually call it traction. So, you will need this part to be upgraded as well.

4WD:┬áThe 4WD will boost your vehicle’s overall performance. All wheels will be improved so the vehicle will get a better traction as well as the handling at once. In short, this one will make your vehicle become easier to control.

Which One Should Be Upgraded First?

Most players will think to upgrade the engine or maybe the tires first because both are increasing the speed of the vehicle. Actually, it is not the right way. We suggest you upgrade the one that can increase the stability first. So, the answer is the suspension. Having a good stability in a racing game like this is more important than having a really good speed although speed is also important.

Then, you can go for the 4WD to get a more balanced performance and followed by the engine and tires respectively. But, make sure to always upgrade it one by one and do not only focussing on improving one part because it will not give your vehicle the balance.


That is the Hill Climb Racing Upgrade Guide that you should follow if you are about to make your vehicle better. Hopefully, after following the guide from us, you can have a better experience while playing this game.

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