HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales Classes (Mage and Dual Blader Class Guide)

heroes of incredible tales classes

Heroes of Incredible Tales or best-known as HIT is a great hack and slash game which contain a lot of hero classes in it. Each class in this game have their own defense and offense stats, and skills. Actually, all of the class are really good to be used. But, it depends on which occasion we are about to use them. And here, we will give you Heroes of Incredible Tales classes guide to help you to know more about the classes in this beautiful game.

The Classes Guide

Below here, we are going to discuss each of the hero classes in this game complete with the skills that they have. So, read it carefully!

Kiki the Mage

hit kiki guide

Kiki is the one and only hero class which can attack the enemies from the range (range-based hero). She is really good as a crowd control when our team is battling the opposite team as she can make the enemies become slow and kill them easily because of her very high offense. But unfortunately, she is not really good at defense as she can easily die especially when she is surrounded by some enemies at once. That is why she is very good only on a team play.

Kiki’s Skills:

  1. Flame Explosion: Knocked up the enemy by shooting a fireball directly at them.
  2. Chain Lightning: Gives a stun to the enemy after sending out a lightning in front of them.
  3. Mana Rupture: Knocked down the enemy by using a concentrated mana to attack.
  4. Blessing of Speed: Will increase the attack speed of this class for some moments. The damage will also increase continuously.
  5. Create Dark Sphere: Knocked down the enemy by exploding a summoned dark power.

Lucas the Dual Blader

hit lucas guide

This class is well-known for his fast movement and become one of the most favorite classes especially for the players who prioritize more on offense rather than the defense. Lucas will be a nightmare for the enemies as his good offense and attack speed is really frightening. And he is really good at making combos as well although he is not too strong in defending himself. So, we would like to recommend him to be used while you are playing in a PvE mode.

Lucas’ Skills:

  1. Raging Strike: Knocked up the enemy by stabbing and striking them with the sword.
  2. Quake of Destruction: Stunned the enemy by kicking them first before jumping and hit them with the sword.
  3. Circling Blade: Knocked down the enemy by throwing the swords from the distance to attack.
  4. Soaring Strike: Knocked down the enemy by stabbing, jumping and slamming them down to the ground.
  5. Sword of Energy Rupture: Stunned or knocked down the enemy by collecting the energy to the sword before hitting them down.

Final Words

That is all the guide for Kiki the Mage and Lucas the Dual Blader class. We hope that this guide can help you to know more about those heroes class. And do not forget to see the guide for the other two classes in this game, Hugo the Warrior and Anika the Scyther.

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