HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales Class Guide (Warrior and Scyther Classes)

heroes of incredible tales class guide

Previously, we have shared the guide for Kiki the Mage and Lucas the Dual Blader class. And this time, we are going to share the guide for the other two hero classes in Heroes of Incredible Tales class guide for Hugo the Warrior and Anika the Scyther. Similar to the previous one, here we would like to share the information about the hero and the skills that they have.

The Classes Guide

Below here, you will see the guide for Hugo and Anika which will help you to know more information about them. Now let us start this guide with Hugo first.

Hugo the Warrior

hit hugo guide

We could say that Hugo may be the best hero class from all of Heroes of Incredible Tales characters available because of his balance on both offense and defense. Unfortunately, he is the slowest hero class in this game. But, he may be the best one when battling in the PvP mode as he can survive longer than any other hero class here. That is why playing in PvP mode will give him more advantage rather than when we are playing in the PvE mode.

Hugo’s Skills:

  1. Fierce Strike of Discipline: Knocked up the enemy by striking down, then push and cut them with his greatsword.
  2. Fierce Strike of Doom: Gives a stun to the enemy by striking them down.
  3. Circle of Rage: Knocked down the enemy by grasping his great sword with both of his hands as he spins to attack them.
  4. Roar of Protection: Heal his own Health Point (HP) continuously and protects himself from getting knocked down or up for sometimes.
  5. Desperate Charge: Knocked down the enemy by charging towards them.

Anika the Scyther

hit anika guide

Anika is a hero class which has a quite big damage and supported by a fast attacking speed. She is quite similar to Lucas. The only difference is that she is better on damage and Lucas on the speed. This hero is really good when playing in the PvP mode because of her mid-air combos attack is very effective in killing the enemies. But, one thing that becomes the minus is that she is not too strong on defense. So, we have to be careful while launching an attack.

Anika’s Skills:

  1. Death’s Pummel: Knocked up the enemy by executing combo attacks and chops them down with her scythe.
  2. Shocking Bash: Stuns the enemy by spinning in mid-air before striking down the target.
  3. Ruining Whirl: Knocked down the enemy by throwing them with her scythe.
  4. Death’s Grasp: The enemy will be knocked down after getting thrown away with her scythe.
  5. Smashing Energy: Knocked down or stunned the target after being hit by the scythe which filled with energy.

Final Words

Now you know about Hugo the Warrior and Anika the Scyther, right? Then, that ends our Heroes of Incredible Tales class guide. Hopefully, it will be really useful for all players who play this amazing hack and slash game.

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