HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tales Review | An Outstanding Hack and Slash from Nexon

heroes of incredible tales review

Looking for a hack and slash game for mobile which has an exciting gameplay as well as mesmerizing graphics? Then, HIT is the answer for it. The game which released in 2016 globally by Nexon Company has all of those criteria. Many people have already tried it because it is a really good game to play. So, how this game can be so good? Check out the full information below.


HIT is an action RPG where we have to choose one of four classes as our heroes such as Kiki the Mage, Lucas the Dual Blader, Anika the Scyther, and Hugo the Warrior. Here, we will play in a fast-paced combat with more than a hundred stages to play in order to defeat all the monsters and bosses.

hit gameplay

We do not only play through the stages in this game as we can also play in a PvP mode and Co-op Boss Raid in a real-time. So, we can play together with the other players worldwide online. Besides, there is also another modes namely Tower of Trials and Sanctuary.

For the hero, after we select one of those classes, we can collect and equip them with various equipment such as weapon and armor where we can also enhance it. Besides, each hero class also has some skills to be used in the battle which can be upgraded to the max.


hit graphics

HIT or Heroes of Incredible Tales has a very awesome 3D graphics. The details are simply beautiful and so realistic. Every people who play this game will be amazed by this aspect as it really outstanding. Nexon Company is really serious about developing this game, that is why they create a game like this which has a really great graphics quality.


The good things that we can find in Heroes of Incredible Tales game are that it has a good gameplay. As a hack and slash game, it is really exciting to play as there are so many different modes that we can try. Then, we can hear the characters voices while playing the storyline. And the most important things are that this game is easy to play and can be played in a real-time.


Besides all of those good things, there are also some bad things that every game in this world has. The first one is this game is too repetitive as we just playing the same thing all the time. What makes it different is just the stage. But, overall they are just the same. And the last one is that we need to spend our money if we would like to win here. So, it is quite a pay to win for us. But, rather than you spend your money, better you try our HIT Hack immediately as it can help you in getting so many Gems and Gold instantly just in minutes.

Final Words

That ends our Heroes of Incredible Tales review for today. Hopefully, this will help you a lot so you can know more information about this game. And for more game review or tips or even guide, you can simply check them out on our website igogam. So, do not forget to pay a visit.


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