How to Get More Coins in Airport City? Follow Our Tips to Get It!

how to get more coins in airport city

Airport City is indeed an addictive game to play because of its no end gameplay and also there are a lot of things to do in this game. But, many players are quite frustrated with the way to get the Coins. They think that it is really hard to gain a lot of it. Actually, it is not as hard as you think. You only do not know how to get it. That is why we give you the tips about how to get more Coins in Airport City.

Expand Your Business

airport city business

The first way to get tons of Coins faster is by expanding your business. As we know, there are a lot of business that we can open in this game such as eatery, sports shop, movie theatre, and much more. And each of those businesses will gain you a lot of money in different amount and in a different of time. As an example, you will gain some Coins from the eatery for every around two minutes and you can collect more Coins from the shop and theatre for every one day.

Increase the Number of Runways

airport city runways

Having more runways is a really good way to gaining more Coins as it will allow us to send more flights at once. As we know that sending flights to a certain location will give us a number of Coins as the reward. So, how if we can send more, right? Of course, we will get a lot more.

Never Stop Sending Your Planes Out

The next way is not to stop sending the planes out for a trip. As the previous tip above said that it will give us some Coins for each flight. And just for your information that the number of Coins that you will get for sending a plane to a destination is really good. We can say that it is quite big. So, that is why as long as you can send a flight, never miss that chance and send it out immediately. But, remember to send our planes to a different destination. You will know why after you try it yourself.

Do Not Reject the Guest Planes Request

As we know that we will get some request for permission from some guest planes to land in our airport. And by allowing them to land, we will get a certain amount of Coins and the other rewards such as fuels or passengers. And the number of Coins that we will get is really nice. So, whenever you see a permission from the guest planes, never reject them. Just accept it because the request is very often.


Now, your task is to follow all of our tips above if you really want to get tons of Coins. Those tips are really effective and we sure enough that you can gain a lot of it. And as a bonus, we will tell how to get free Cash. Wow, sounds great, right?

It is so easy actually where you just need to visit this Airport City Hack and get as many as you want. So, that is the end of how to get more Coins in Airport City article for today. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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