How To Play AdVenture Capitalist | Complete Easy Guides About The Game

How To Play AdVenture Capitalist

Do you ever think that is there a game where I can just collect money as the objective? Well, turns out there’s a game about that and it’s called AdVenture Capitalist. It’s a game where all you need to do is expanding your business and reap all the profit that came from the business. That’s all sounds great and all but how to play AdVenture Capitalist actually? Well, that’s why today I want to show you the easy tutorial to start the game. Let’s learn it all below.

How To Play AdVenture Capitalist | The Easy Guides

Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2

1. It’s a Clicker Game

The first point you need to know about this game is that this is a clicker game. All you need to do is clicking as the gameplay. Every click you made will be the profit for your business.

2. Purchase All Business One by One

There are lots of business that you can dominate from lemon stand to a big federation bank. Copy them all one by one when you have enough money and then after all you own them all, your job is only to wait for the profit.

3. Hire Managers

To make your gameplay easier and you don’t have to always click on the business to get profit, you can hire a manager to it. The manager will automatically produce a profit of the business that you own so you don’t need to keep clicking anymore and let them do that for you.

4. Double Up Your Profit

Do you want to have acquired even more profit? Of course, you can. You can use Gold to double up all the profit from your business. Gold is the premium currency used to buy the stuff that can double up your income. You can get Gold either from watching ads or buy it with real money. But you can search for some AdVenture Capitalist hack tool to get the Gold for free.


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