How To Play Bitcoin Billionaire | All The Aspects You Need To Know Before Play The Game

How To Play Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency famous in the world of online trading. It’s a currency where 1 bitcoin can worth hundreds of dollars in real life. There’s a game that depicts the fun of mining bitcoin and the game called Bitcoin Billionaire. The game is really fun to play. The goal is that you mine as many Bitcoin as you can to make yourself successful. For those of you who haven’t know this game, today I will share with you about how to play Bitcoin Billionaire.

I’ve been playing the game for about two months now and I can say that I’m addicted to this. At first, I thought this game would have complicated gameplay. But turns out, this game is pretty much simple. Take a look below to see how it is played.

How To Play Bitcoin Billionaire

It’s a Simple Clicker Game

Bitcoin Billionaire Gameplay 1
Bitcoin Billionaire Gameplay 2
Bitcoin Billionaire Gameplay 3

This game is a clicker game, that means all you have to do is keep tapping the screen and you’ll get rewarded. We’ve been seen this gameplay type many times since the game Tap Titans were out. To mine the Bitcoin, all you need to do is tapping on the screen and each tap will reward you with one bitcoin. You can get more per tap if you upgrade all your stuff.

You Can Customize Your Character

Not only you keep tapping the screen, but you can also customize every aspect for you and your room. You can change the clothing of yours. You can buy stuff to make your room looks cooler. And you can also buy an investment.

Investment Tutorial

You can invest your Bitcoin in plenty of items that is popular among today’s culture like comics, action figures, and much more. The bitcoin that you invest will double up your per tap income in the future.

The Usage of Hyperbits

There’s two currencies used in this game, the bitcoin Itself and Hyperbits. The Hyperbits is used to make everything worth double. You can double up your income by boosting it with that premium currency. You can get it via tapping on the passing drone or you can use the Bitcoin Billionaire Hack Tool. Whichever your method is, it’s your choice.

So there, all the things you need to know regarding how to play Bitcoin Billionaire. It’s a simple clicker game but filled with huge fun. You will be addicted to the game even though that the bitcoin you made in the game is not the real one.


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