Idle Miner Tycoon Review || Become the Best Miner in this Game!

idle miner tycoon review

For people who love tycoon game, this is the great game which you must try. Same like usual tycoon game, the only difference only in the theme. This one focus on the mining section. You will become the great manager and miner in the game. See Idle Miner Tycoon review for more information about this.

The Gameplay

Here, you have two task in this game. The first one, you will become a manager. This is the simplest one. You need to order your worker to do what you want with your miner. And the second one, you will become a miner to find a treasure. The better your miner level, you can get an awesome reward in return. You can also use power up to speed up the worker progress. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find. For the first time, this game is quite complicated, that is why you need to pay attention to the tutorial.

The Graphics

You do not need to get your high hope with the graphics quality. This one still uses 2D as the main graphics. But it is not bad as you think. The important one is the gameplay. It does not matter if you play a game with good graphics but the gameplay is pretty lame. For people who do not pay attention to the graphics quality, this is a great game you need to play right away.

idle miner tycoon gameplay


  • There are a lot of task in this game from manager and miner. All players will not get bored easily
  • This game will train your brain how to manage a mining area
  • Cute graphics which make everyone addicted to playing it
  • Show off to your friends about your mining area


  • For the first time, the gameplay is quite complicated. You must pay attention to the tutorial really well
  • The game rarely gets a new feature. For the time being, all people will get bored play this one
  • Sometimes, the touch screen is unresponsive. But it will recover on its own

The Score

We give it 78 for the score. All people can enjoy this game without any problem. This is one of the best tycoon game.

Final Words

We suggest you download the game right away and feel the amazing sensation. For people who have difficulties to play it, we have Idle miner Tycoon hack which can clear your problem immediately. This is your only chance to get supercash through our generator.


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