Kitchen Scramble Tips || Follow Our Best Method To Make Your Food Truck Famous

kitchen scramble tips

The best thing about this game without a doubt is the food truck. You will not open a restaurant anymore like usual kitchen game. You will travel the world with your beloved food truck. We know it is not easy to manage it. Because of that, we prepared Kitchen Scramble tips to help you manage a successful food truck.

Do not Serve The Wrong Dish

Sometimes this kind of event is inevitable. If you only make a mistake once, do not need to worry at all. But if you do it repeatedly, the customer affection will decrease and leave your stand. Of course, you do not want this kind of ending. You need to focus what kind of food your customer wants. If you make a mistake, quickly throw the food in the trash can and make a new one. Your agility is really crucial in this moment.

kitchen scramble gameplay

Serve the Dish Quickly

There are some customers who cannot wait patiently all the time. If you notice a bubble pop-up in their head, it means they already mad at you. In this case, you cannot do anything except to increase the speed of your cooking. Is it possible? The answer is yes. When the customer comes, they will tell what kind of order they want. Here is the trick, do not accept the order yet. You need to cook the food first because you can see the customer order. After a while, you can accept it. Do not need to worry, if you leave the customer in that state for a while they will not leave and get upset.

Heart Meter

Not only your customer who has a heart meter you also have it. If you manage to refill your own heart meter, you will transform into “on fire” state. In this state, you can make a food quicker and the customer will not mad at you. In order to fill your heart meter, you need to make your customer satisfy first.

Decorate Your Food Truck

Decorate your truck is the best way to attract more customer. Also, they will give you many heart meter points in return. As a good chef, do not only concern about your food but also you need to transform your stand into a beautiful one. The more decoration you equip to the truck, the more customer will come to your place.

Final Words

This game is quite complicated if you do not follow our instructions. Hopefully, you already find a way to overcome your problem with our tips. Do not forget to try Kitchen Scramble hack. It is a generator which can generate free coins. If you want to have unlimited currency this is the only way to grant your wishes.


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