Kitchen Scramble Useful Guide || Become the Best Chef on the Street!

kitchen scramble useful guide

The exciting cooking game which released on the smartphone. We do not regret every tried this game. As a result, we really like this one. Do you feel the same way like us? If so, we offer you Kitchen Scramble useful guide. We are sure it will help you through this game. If you have difficulties, do not hesitate to come back to this website.

Orange Meter

What is orange meter anyway? This is the tool which use to measure customer mood and waiting time. If the bar already full, all customer will go away. In other words, if you keep your customer waiting all day long, they will leave your food truck. That is why while cooking you also need to see the gauge to anticipate all the outcome. Unfortunately, there is no other ways to lower the gauge other than serving the food on time.

Add Your friends

The purpose you need to add your friend account because you will get supplies and coins as the result. For you who do not want to let this chance go, invite your friends right away to get the advantages. You can add up to 100 friends. Choose the active player, do not invite the one who does not play the game anymore because it is futile.

Premium Ingredient

For you who want to have a lot of coins in no time, just cook with the premium ingredient. That is why if you have this item in your possession, use it immediately. We are sure for the first time you get it, you keep this one in your storage. Now, it is the right time use the power of this powerful ingredient. If the people like it very much you can get double payment.

kitchen scramble gameplay

Increase Your Cooking Level

In order to make your food tastier, you must increase your cooking skill. Sometimes, you will get an extra reward if you manage to do it. Before you begin the stage, you can hit the practice menu to begin the training. If you dare, choose the hardest one because this is the fastest way to level up your cooking skill.

Final Words

If you want to make your food truck become the best one in this game, you need to follow our guide. We can ensure you to grant your wish. Before we end this, check out Kitchen Scramble hack. You can get free currency with our tool. Do not need to worry, it is already tested with our beloved users. What are you waiting for? Grab this golden chance.


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