League of Gamers Starter Guide || Become the Champion Quickly Through Our Guide!

league of gamers starter guide

Another unique game on the smartphone. League of gamers indeed brings us into an amazing gaming world. At the first glance, this one looks really weird. You as the player play a game inside a game. If you already look at the gameplay, you will agree with our statement. But, that is the main point which makes this one unique and entertaining. Here, we will help you with League of Gamers starter guide. For the player who recently played the game, we will guide you through it.

Do Not Bother to Choose Specific Character

For the first time you play this game, you must choose six characters. If you think all of them have a special power, you are wrong. Each of them does not have any skill, the only difference between each character are the costume only. So, just choose randomly or the one who interest you the most.

league of gamers gameplay

Hire Teammates

When the first time, you only have one fighter. In order to add more, you need to hire teammates. After the tutorial complete, do not forget to do it. A good unit for the first timer is Shadow. Of course, this is only a recommendation from us. It is up to you wants to choose another one. But if you have Shadow, you can get more cash easily for the first time.

Weapons Upgrade

Level up your fighter is not enough to become the best one in the game. You can also maintain the weapon of your character. You need to balance your level and character’s weapon. We know it will drain your coins really fast. But you must do it at all cost. At the early stage you do not need to upgrade your weapon but later on, it is needed to match the enemy power.


The reason you need to come here because to buy a booster item. You can purchase Team Sponsorship to deal 2x hits per character or Team Fans is quite useful. It will double your coins amount. Of course, you need to purchase it with diamonds. If you do not have it, just play the special event or mission.

Final Words

Playing this game is not that hard as you think especially after you see the guide above. Before we say goodbye, just click League of Gamers hack. This is a special present from us. What will you get from this one? Visit it right away to find out the truth.


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