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league of gamers tips

Idle clicker games really famous right now. We are sure you know a game called League of Gamers. This is a unique RPG combine with idle clicker game which you can play exclusively on the smartphone device. Like always RPG genre is not really easy to play if you do not follow the rules of the game. For that sole reason, we offer you League of Gamers tips.

Skin and Relics

You can change your character skin with a new one. We recommend you change it immediately if you can. You will get a various bonus as the reward. It will make the battle easier. As for relics, this is an additional item which can buff your character in the battle. Be sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible. Both of them required prestige points to get. In order to obtain that points, you need to enter the Duel mode.

About Items

In order to use items in the battle, you need to equip it first. The most important one without a doubt the one which can buff your character’s strength and double EXP. The skill will active automatically depend on your tap. For example, one of them required 30 taps. So, you need to tap the enemy 30 times to activate it.

league of gamers gameplay

Turned Off Mobile Data or Wi-Fi

Sometimes, this game really annoying. You will see many ads floating around without any prior notice. It really disturbs your activity in this game. If you want to prevent any mistake in the game, just turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. You will not see the ads anymore and you can freely play the game without any problem.

Unlock Power-Ups

We warn you before unlocking this. You need a premium currency which called diamonds. Do it right away because it is pretty useful in the game. Especially when your character still weak, you need to depend on the power-ups. Although you lost much currencies it does not matter. You can get it back if you keep playing the game. You will feel the difference when you use this function properly.

Final Words

Now, you can become a pro player with our tips. Do not need to thanks us because it is common to help all people in needs. We also have another gift for you. Click League of Gamers hack to get premium currency for free. We are sure many players looking for a way to get it. Now, you can make your dream come true.


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