Lep’s World 2 Honest Review, Why Should You Play This Time Killer Game!

Lep's World 2 Review

Lep’s World 2 has comes with a great feature than the first version. This game has been a great time killer game to waste our time. The gameplay is really enjoyable and easy to understand. Today, we would like to share our honest review regarding this game.

If you ever play the first version, maybe you should not be really confused with the second one but this version comes with many complicated things. You may refer to the list below.

  1. The character can shoot
  2. More maps
  3. More challenging monsters
  4. Gems features which this game only use gold at first version.

Our first time, try this second version. We think this is a great time killer game. We have spent about a few hours to play this game. We do not know that we have spent more than an hour. Anyway, we have taken a screenshot of this game. You may check it below.



In this version, our character can shoot the monsters but you need to get extra ammunition in order to shoot them. The sad thing, it would be limited so we have to use it carefully.

Talking about the game map. It is quite same as the first version. The difference only comes from its extra map where we can enjoy this game longer than the first one. Next, there are various monsters we can beat, each monster can have different skill. So make sure, you understand what monsters which face you in the game.

Then, gems are the main currency in this game while the first version only uses gold. We can buy gems from the in-app purchase. If we have many gems it would help us to complete each stage in this game. You can also check out our Lep’s World 2 hack. We can ensure that article can help you a lot to get free gems to your account.

Time to close this discussion, Lep’s World 2 is a really worth game to play. From our honest review, we can say this one is a time killer game as everyone could get addicted to playing this game. Now, this is your turn to give a try and let see how great this game has.


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