Line Gets Rich Guide || How to Obtain A+ Character Card? Find out the Secret Right Here


The best game which presented by Line. This one already captivated everyone hearts to play it. We are sure you are one of them. Because of the popularity of Gets Rich, we decided to make a guide to help you to obtain A+ characters card. For all of you who looking for it, this is your golden chance to know the secret.


line gets rich combination

The first method is through combination. You already know in order to fuse the card they need to achieve max level and you do not need to combine it with the same rating card. That is the normal process. But, if you want to get an A+ rating, it is required for you to combine two same rating. In this case, you need two A rating cards to get A+. The good one, you do not need to level up your card until max. Reach level 20 is enough. Remember, you cannot choose which character you like. It will generate randomly. We recommend you collect a bunch of A rating cards. So, it will increase the chance to get the character you want.

Participate in Event

When you visit a shop, you can buy 200 Diamonds with real money and get A+ character. If you are a beginners players this is the good stuff. Of course, for the player who already becomes a master in this game, there is no prohibition you cannot buy it. We think it is worth your money if you really want to become the best one from the start.


There are some players who lazy to check-in everyday. That is why they tend to miss the great reward. The check-in system in this game is quite different. If you miss today check-in, you will move to the next day reward. And your previous reward expired. Remember to log in to the game if you get the chance. We are sure you do not want to ignore this one. The check-in system will change every month. So, it is not guaranteed you always get the A+ card.

Obtain it From a Cube

line gets rich cube

The last method obtains the card from the cube. There are a diamond cube, gold cube, silver cube and brown cube. For your information, each cube can give you A+ characters card. But, you need an item called Mystic Powder. The more you collect this item, the chance you get a better reward is guaranteed. In order to collect the powder, you either play stage event or open the cube at night. We do not why the chance is quite high to obtain it at night.


A+ Character indeed really help you while playing this game. This character has a great special skill which can turn a table in battle. It is no wonder everyone race against each other to get it immediately. You do not need to worry, our Line Gets Rich guide is ready to help you anytime.


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