Little Commander Review | A Great Strategy Game on Mobile

little commander review

Do you like to play a game which counts on a strategy? Then, you must like this one. Its name is Little Commander. The gameplay of this game is so exciting and we are sure that you will love it so much. So now, if you are curious about this one, just check out the information about it on our Little Commander review below!


In this game, we will have to defend our base in a tower defense gameplay system. There will be a horde of enemies in a lot of waves and each wave has a number of enemies that will try to pass to our base. If they succeed, we will lose a life and we will get lost if all of our lives are gone.

little commander gameplay

During the game, the enemies will get stronger on each wave so we need to upgrade our towers as well or it will be harder for us to get rid of them. And we also need to add more towers to add more protection so we can destroy the enemies faster.

But, we cannot just add more towers or upgrade them like that. We need the money to do that. And it can be obtained only by destroying each enemy available during a wave. That is really exciting, right?

Game Modes

What makes this game become more interesting is that there are some game modes that we can choose to play it such as Normal, Endless, and Single Life mode. Each mode has a different rule although the gameplay is still the same. In Normal mode, we will have 30 lives so we can still play until the enemies have penetrated our base for 30 times.

Then, we can play in an Endless mode where there is no end at all. So, we will have to try to survive as many waves as we can as there is no limit of waves in this mode. And the last, the Single Life mode will give us only one life to keep playing after getting penetrated by the enemy.


If we are talking about this aspect, we can say that this game only has a so-so graphics. But, the 2D cartoon-like graphics are not that bad and still quite good for us because it is very cute actually. And the most important is that it is really smooth. We are sure that you will it a lot.


Okay, what do you think about this game after reading our Little Commander review above? If you really like it, you need to download it from your mobile device right now! And if you want to play this one, do not forget to try the Little Commander Hack as well. You will love it once you have used it.


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