Metal Slug Defense Hack, Get Lots of Free Medals Here (No Survey)


It’s been almost decades ago since the last game of Metal Slug was released. We never asked for a game of MS to be like this ‘tower-defense’ game. But still, this game got a lot of fans till date. This game has lots of fans because it offers a whole new perspective if the beloved MS game. In this game, you need to collect some deck of cards that will make you be able to deploy the card to unleash a certain unit. There are plenty of cards you can collect, but you’ll also need a lot of Medals. It’s the currency used in the game for your shortcut fastening the progression. If you need a lot of Medals, you should use our Metal Slug Defense Hack Tool.

Our hack tool is used to generate as many free Medals as you want. Every player of this game knows that they require it to purchase a great deck of cards. Commonly, you can get Medals by doing some challenges or doing achievements. But doing so will take times and skill of yours. The easy way earning Metal Slug Defense free Medals is by using the generator tool from us. Our tool is the best option for you who require the currency instantly. We provide you with a tool that works 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are plenty of other people before you who have already used this magnificent hack. Many of them are very pleased when they get the Medals to their account. They use it to get all the best cards to hold from alien infestation. Do you believe this tool or you need a proof to make you believe this? Well, here we can show you the proof of this Metal Slug Defense generator. We will show you that the generator tool here is 100% real and working without any hassle things need. See the picture below.

Metal Slug Defense Generator Proof

The image above you is the legit proof of our tool. You may think that this tool is just another BS tool which will scam you or give you some virus that can harm your device. But we assure you that this hack is safe to use. How can we so sure about it? It’s because our own team of hackers which create this hack. This amazing site has a couple of game hack tool which you can use to your own benefit. Like this Metal Slug Defense Hack which we create our own. And the proof you above is taken from the official site itself! So there’s no need to hesitate about it. It’s all has been setup to ease your gameplay.

What Make This Game Unique

We all probably have already known and played Metal Slug. It’s a 2D side-scrolling game about soldiers fighting a horde of evil armies and all the kinds of Martian aliens. It’s a sensational game back in the 90s. Forget about best graphics, this game only used two-dimensional graphics, but the gameplay is unparalleled by any other games today.

But in Metal Slug Defense, every gameplay thought you know about is no longer there. In this series, your objective is to deploy as many units as you can to repel the invasion of evil armies and the Martians. This game probably looks like Clash of Clans in terms of gameplay style. You need to prepare the best deck of cards before you go to battle. That is what make this game unique but also annoying on the other hand.

To have the best deck of cards, you need to have a lot of Medals. It’s the VIP currency the game used to purchase additional stuff that can give you the upper hand. And for that, we want to give you the Metal Slug Defense Hack to ease you generating all the Medals you need to build the best and undefeatable deck of cards. We will show you the way to get the Medals to you in the section below.

How To Get Metal Slug Defense Free Medals

1. First, click on the link that we have provided you.
2. Then, once you on the generator site, you need to click “Start Now”.
3. Enter your username or password of your game account.
4. Then, choose the bundle of Medals that you need for your inventory.
5. Click “Connect”.
6. Please wait while Metal Slug Defense Hack Tool is connecting to the game server.
7. When it’s finished, it means the Medals is already transferred to your account.
8. Click “OK”.
9. Check your game.
10. Enjoy it.

That is the instructions for you about how to use the tool from us. Please make sure that you follow every step in the procedure to have the success rate increased to 100%. There have been some attempts which ended up failing because they don’t read the instructions. So from now on, read first then do later. Click on the link button below.

Metal Slug Defense Hack Tool Features

1. Totally secure: the cheat tool is perfectly secure because we used advanced encryption system.
2. Anti-Ban: Your account will not get banned because it is secured with the encryption system.
3. No virus: The Metal Slug Defense Hack is not going to infect you with the virus because it is protected with anti-virus system.
4. Real and working: This generator is the real one you can find on the internet. You won’t find any other working tool.
5. Straight from the phone: You can start the hacking either from your device or PC.

That is the information about the detail of the features that we offered to you. All our tool system is Protected with advanced technologies to prevent your account from getting banned. We are a guarantee you that your account will stay safe and sound.

How Does Metal Slug Defense Generator Works

This generator is built by our own team of hackers. We know every detail of this tool. If you want to know more about how this work, we can tell it for you here. The first thing that you need to know about this is that algorithm. We used it to compile the hack tool.

With the algorithm code that our team develops, we are putting the code into the game server. There, the code begins to crack the game encryption system. When it is cracked, the algorithm code from us will manipulate the Medals. Then it is sent right to the designated account of your game. So, that is the main line of how the Metal Slug Defense Hack works. But, you don’t need to know all about it, all you have to do if you want to get the free Medals is just follow the instructions below.


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