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metal slug defense review

~ Metal Slug Defense Review ~

SNK CORPORATION was known for their great arcade game which turns into a console and now to a mobile, Metal Slug. This game was so phenomenal during the old time. Moreover, when it was released in the game console such as PlayStation 1 and 2. It is like a must have game for every gamer. And now, SNK has spread their wings again to redeveloped this one in the mobile version with the title Metal Slug Defense. This mobile version can be downloaded from the two platform giants Android and iOS. And it has received a relatively good response from the people who want to reminisce this game. Now, in this Metal Slug Defense review, I would like to discuss its gameplay, graphic, and the overall of this game based on my view.

Metal Slug Defense Gameplay

Although it is still a Metal Slug game, this one has a very different way of play. When you used to play it as a side-scrolling shooting game in arcade or console, you will play this one in a quite similar way but use a little bit strategy. Here, you have to use your strategy in order to clear every stage.

In this game, there will be an energy meter which called AP. This energy meter is used as the cost to summon your troops into a combat. And it will increases steadily during each stage of combat that you play. Each troop will require some AP in order to summon them. And each of them also has a different number of AP required.

There are various troops that you can summon to the combat. Start from the basic soldiers, heroes, and even the villains you have ever seen in the previous Metal Slug series. The troops then will march to the right side of your screen in order to attack your enemy’s base (your base in the opposite direction). Make a good strategy in summoning the troops is really needed to granting you a victory so you can go to the next stage.

The Graphic

Metal Slug Defense Game has a graphic that will remind you of the old times. It is because this game is still using the same pixel graphic that we used to see while playing in the arcade and console version. The animation of the characters and the other things are very nice.


For me, if I see this game from the whole aspects, it is worth to be played and your time. The gameplay itself is quite addictive, fun, and exciting where the graphic brings back our old memories with the old Metal Slug game. So, if you want to give it a try, you should try this Metal Slug Defense Hack. You will get lots of Medals if you use this link generator. So, don’t hesitate to try and thank you for reading Metal Slug Defense review.


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