Modern Warplanes Review || The Best Warplanes Game on the Smartphone!

moder warplanes review

FindĀ a warplanes game on the smartphone is not that easy. But it is not true at all, we found one entitled Modern Warplanes. This game really boosts the engine of the smartphone to the maximum capacity. You can see a great gameplay and graphics which offer by the developer. For more information about this game, we have Modern Warplanes review.

The Gameplay

Do you know about Ace Combat game? If so, you feel the similarity between this two. For the first time in the game, you need to select your starter planes. We recommend you choose the most balanced and have a higher speed. In order to control the plane either you can tile your device or move it with a virtual pad. For the first time, it is quite hard to play this game. Especially when you want to shoot the enemy with a missile. If you love warplanes, this is the best game you should play right away on your device.


You can customize your plane all you want. You can use paint system to change your plane colors and add a logo or stickers. Do not forget to upgrade it to make it even stronger in the battlefield. Actually, this is what makes this game really interesting to play. Even though this game does not have many modes, it is enough to customize your plane.

The Graphics

As for the graphics quality, you do not need to doubt it. As you can see the details of the warplanes really good. The 3D quality is almost same as a console game. The developer really pays attention to the graphics quality. So, it is no wonder the size of the game is quite big even though it is an online game.

modern warplanes gameplay

Is it Worth to Get?

You do not need to ask us. If you love Warplanes game, this is a great one you should download right away. You will feel an amazing sensation when flying in the sky with your plane. We know for the first time all players will have a problem because it is quite difficult to shoot a missile. But if you keep training, you can do it without any problem.


That is all about the review. Hopefully, for people who doubt this game from the start, you need to try this. As for the score, we give it 77. If this game includes more warplanes types and mode it will be more interesting. Do not forget to use Modern Warplanes hack if you decide to play the game. It will help you to get free currency which is gold.


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