Modern Warplanes Tips || Simple Ways to Fly your Airplane!

modern warplanes tips

In this kind of game, the important thing you must know is about how to control your airplane. If you do not know how to do it, you cannot play this kind of game. We already know how hard at first but you need to keep trying to become the best pilot and defeat your enemy which block your way. Here, you can read Modern Warplanes tips to help you in a pinch

Do not Fly Straight

Do not ever fly straight, you need to perform a maneuver or another thing to keep your fly straight. If you cannot do that, you will become the target of the enemy’s missile easily. You need to move around in order to confuse the enemy. At first, it is quite hard. That is why you need to keep trying until you master your own flying.

Look Around

Look around is the best thing to spot any enemy within your range or not. We know you can see it on the map but it is not clear enough because you only see a dot. You do not know the enemy near or far. Of course, if you find a strong airplane, do not ever fight it head on or you will get destroy immediately. Escape before enemy spot you and charge on when they do not aware.

modern warplanes gameplay

Do not Bump Into Any Objects

When you fly, sometimes you will see a tree, tower, and Limit line (This is the limit how far you can fly your plane). Probably, if you fly really high you do not need to worry about the tree. But the tower is a different case, you can still bump into it if you do not look around you. Not only damage it but also make your ariplane crash.

Never Follow Anyone

Do not ever follow any airplanes. We do not know what kind of thing they will do. Keep a good distance between you and the enemy. If you think to follow the enemy is a good idea, you are wrong about this. In another game genre it is really useful but in this game is a different case. If you are a smart gamer, it is not necessary to follow your enemy around.

Final Words

That is the simple tips how to play this game effectively. We know this game is quite complicated. If you keep trying, you can do it without any problem. If you need another help, just use Modern Warplanes hack. Here, you will get unlimited gold and it is free of charge.


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