Money Tree Beginners Guide || Become the Richest Player Immediately!


All people in this world love money. In order to make the dream come true, you can play Money Tree which released exclusively for the smartphone platform. This is a clicker game which focuses on money. The faster your tap, more money will fall down from the tree. This game is quite fun even though the gameplay is really simple. Here, we have Money Tree beginners guide which can help you to clear the stage instantly.

Earn Some Money While You Do Not Play the Game

The greatest feature in the game which let you earn some money although you do not play the game. Once again, you need to fertilizer. This one not only makes your tree bigger but also can collect money automatically. Before you close the game, you need to activate this feature first. Of course, you cannot get all of them. But, it is better than nothing. If you cannot play this game regularly, take advantages of this.


Pour your tree with water it is not enough. You must use fertilizer to make it grow bigger quickly. If you have a big tree, more money will fall down in return. We recommend you save up your fertilizer. Use it when you need it the most. You can also buy this one with magic beans. Do not need to worry, this one not really hard to get.

money tree gameplay

Use Two Fingers When Playing the Game

In a clicker game, you need to use two fingers. It will speed up your progress to get the money. We are sure you can tell the difference when using only one finger. Later one, you need to collect tremendous money within a time limit. If you only depend on one finger, it will be hard. That is why you need to use two fingers or more to gain a better result.


On the smartphone game, you can watch ads to get free currency. You need to take advantage of it. Once per day, watch ads to increase your currency amount. This a great way to collect magic beans easily. You do not need to do anything complicated. Just watch the video is enough to obtain what you want. As a good player, you must do it at all cost.

Final Words

You can play this game without any problem. Do not forget to rest your fingers for a while when playing this. For people who still have a little problem, you can use our Money Tree hack or ask us directly. The choice is yours. If you decide to use the hack, you only need to open the website and click the tool to begin.


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