Money Tree Tips | Become a Billionaire by Following Our Tips!

money tree tips

Money Tree is an addicting tapping game from Tapps Games. If you ever played the likes of Tap Tycoon and Tap Titans, you will realize that there are a lot of similarities between this game and those games. And today, we are here to give you some simple Money Tree tips which can help you to become a billionaire really fast. So, enough for the chit-chat and let us see the tips immediately.

Use More Fingers While Tapping

Many players do not know that they can tap by using more than one finger in order to generate more money. Actually, we can even use two, three or even four fingers at once to make money even faster. That is why some players who already know this trick can produce a lot of money really fast.

Spend the Money on the Equipment First

money tree equipment

When we start this game, we have been given some money. Make sure that you spend all those money on the equipment first before the others. This is very important because the equipment is the one which can increase the number of money that will be dropped from the tree for each tap that you do.

Hire the Gardeners and Purchase More Fertilizer

money tree fertilizer

After we have used your money on the equipment, it is the time for us to hire the gardeners and purchase more fertilizer. These two things are really important too because the gardeners will gain us some money while we are not playing the game or offline and the fertilizer will increase the maximum capacity of money that we can hold while we are offline. Also, by purchasing the fertilizer, the tree size will change and become even bigger.

Tap the Bluebird

In this game, there is a bluebird which will pass through our screen quite often. If you see it flying around, make sure to tap it because it will give us some money which will be quite helpful to improve our game progress.

Watch the Advertisement Videos

There is a feature where we can watch an advertisement video to get some free Magic Beans which is the premium currency in this game. These beans can be used to upgrade our gardeners, equipment, fertilizers, and power-ups when we do not have enough money to do it. So, do not forget to watch the advertisement in the shop.


That is all the Money Tree tips that you can follow to make you become a billionaire really fast. Hopefully, these tips can be useful for you. And before we end this article, we would like to present you Money Tree Hack. This can help you to generate loads of Magic Beans for free and in an unlimited amount. So, do not forget to use that generator if you want to get free Magic Beans.


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