My Dolphin Show Review || Make a Greatest Show With Your Dolphin!

my dolphin show review

If you are looking for a cute game, My Dolphin Show is the suitable one for you. We are sure you will like this very much. So, what makes this game cute? Of course, the answer is the dolphin itself. The reason why many people play this game because of that. If you curious about it, we have My Dolphin Show review. Feel free to read it to know all the information you need.


my dolphin show gameplay

Your activity in this game focus on your dolphin.Help them to overcome all the stage attractions. There are many stages you can unlock. This game is quite easy, you only need to touch the screen on time to let the dolphin jump. To make it more awesome, you can make your dolphin perform a trick. At the first glance, the gameplay is quite simple. But later on, the difficulty will increase even more. You need to strengthen your skill before it happens.

Dress Up Your Dolphin

You can change your dolphin appearance. Buy the costume in the shop. There are tons of costume which you can equip to your beloved animal. If you want to make the dolphin prettier, this is the only way to do it. Remember, you need to use IAP (In-App-Purchase) in order to purchase custome.

Graphics Quality

It uses 3D graphics. You can see the beautiful model of the dolphin. We do not have any problem with the graphics aspects. The developer did really well. The effects of the dolphin when jumping also really good to see.

Pros & Cons


  • There are many attractions which you can perform
  • Change your dolphin appearance is quite something
  • A great quality graphics
  • The gameplay has a simple mechanism. Everyone can enjoy it without any problem


  • Sometimes you will see ads floating on the screen. It is really disturbing
  • There is an in-app-purchase. It will hinder all the player to become the best one.

Is It Worth to Get?

We know really well this game aim for a kid. But an adult can play it without any problem. We can say for sure anyone will enjoy this one. This is a great game to play in your leisure time. As for the score, we give it 80. Just download it immediately to find the amazing sensation.


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