Neopets Battledome Guide || Follow The Simple Guide to Make Your Pets Powerful!

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Hey, fellow gamer, how are you today? It seems you are in the bad mood. We can guess what your problem is. We are sure it is about the Battledome in Neopets game, right? That is a common problem for all users who played the game. That is why right now we help you with Neopets Battledome guide. See all the important information you need to know.

What is it?

For you who do not know, Battledome is the place where you put your pet into a battleground. You can battle with NPC or real player in this place. We are sure some players play this game because they want to take care the cute pest. But, for people who get bored with that. Battledome is the only place which can relieve their stress.

Battledome Guide

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Equip Items

For your information, you cannot control your pets in the battle. That is why do not forget to equip your item before entering the stage.  The important item like potion and cure are crucial within the game. Do not need to worry, if the Pet’s HP below a certain rate, it will use the item automatically.

Weapons and Shield

These two items also important. Choose the best weapon from your inventory, we recommend the one which has the highest attack power. As for the shield, it will affect your defense power. We recommend you choose the one which has an additional buff.

Check your Pets Ability

neopets status screen

Before battle an opponent’s pets, you can see their ability and think about the countermeasure. You must remember all the time to check out your opponent’s status before challenging it. Even though this one is really simple but it is really helpful to analysis your enemy beforehand.


Like we said before, the battle is done automatically. Of course, if you do not prepare, game over screen already await you. Before you enter the stage, do not forget to pray and keep watch the battle to support your pets.

Final Words

Before we end the guide, we have another ultimate weapon which can help you to overcome all the problem within the game. We are sure you know very well the membership feature in it. We can help you to become the member through Neopets hack. Feel free to see it by yourself. And do not blame us whatever happens to you. We only give a recommendation but we can say for sure this one works 100%. Use at your own risk.


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