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neopets beginners guide

In this beautiful day, we would like to present you Neopets Beginners guide. We are sure all of you already know what Neopets is. If you do not know, you will not open this one, right? Now, that is enough for the simple joke. The reason we make the beginners guide because we want to help the fellow player who has a problem in this game.

Take Good Care of Your Pets

Your main objective in this game is to take care of your pet. You can give them a food or play with them in the theme park or another area in the game. Your pet has an affection gauge, you need to pay attention to this one. If the affection is lower at the certain rate, it will not eat the food and behave recklessly. Of course, you want to keep your pet in a good mood.

Befriend Tons of Pets

neopets monster list

You already know when the first time you start the game you must choose three pets. Of course, that is not the only pet which you can befriend. Later in the game, you can meet another one. All the pet will not befriend you directly. You need to give their favorite food. Keep stocking a different one to know all the pet’s favorite food.

Play a Game With Your Pets

neopets minigame

This game not only about taking care of your pet. You can also play a game with them. You need to know some of them cost Neopoints to play the minigame. But, we recommend you choose the one which cost NP to gain additional status which you use to battle in Battledome.


This is a battle arena which you can compete with another player. For a player who likes to battle, this is the only place to unleash your powerful pet. You will get a reward if you manage to win the game. If you want a stronger pet, you need to play a specific mini-game to increase your pet’s status. The food selection also becomes the important factor.


For beginner players who want to try this game, you do not need to worry anymore. Our guide ready to help you. Also, we have another helper which can solve your problem. You can use Neopets hack as the trusted resource to collect NP and access the membership features in the game. This is your day to shine guys!


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