Neopets Guide || The Efficient Way to Spend Your Neopoints!

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Hello guys, we back again to present you Neopets guide. This is a perfect chance for you who do not know the best way to spend your Neopoints. Our guide ready to help you to overcome the problem of yours. We will give you list the efficient way to spend your currency. Now, let us look together!

Neopoints Guide

Create a Bank Account

neopets neopian bank

This is not a real bank account, so you do not need to afraid. Go to the Neopian bank on the map to create one. After that, deposit your Neopoints immediately. Why we do this? It will prevent all the random event which steal your Neopoints away. That is why if you do not want something like that to happen, deposit it on the bank as soon as possible. Remember, take your Neopoints if you want to buy something, other than that, just leave the points in the bank for safety reason.

Participate in the Auction

If you have a lot of NP (Neopoints), you can participate in the auction. It cost around 2000 NP. But, it is worth the effort. You will earn a fantastic item which boosts your pest instantly. We are sure for people who lust of power wants this item at all cost. We recommend before you enter the auction, you must collect a lot of amount of NP. For your information, the one who has the tons of NP is the winner!

Play a Mini-Games

neopets mini-games

Some mini-games require NP to play. Also, if you pay more NP you can get a greater reward. Of course, as a loyal player of the game, you must try this at all cost. We ever get an awesome item which increases our pet status by 20%. For you who play in the Battledome regularly, this is the greatest chance to hunt down a great item.

Shop Wizard

If you are looking a good equipment for your pet, this is the only place which satisfied your needs. You can buy an exclusive equipment which offers in this shop. You need to prepare a lot of NP. It costa round 20.000-50.000. We are sure you surprised after knowing the price. It is worth the effort for doing so.


Now, you already know to spend your Neopoints efficiently. To make it more complete, we also have a way to give you unlimited points. Are you interested? Just visit Neopets hack to know more details about it. For lazy people who do not want to collect the Neopoints, our hack can become the alternative.


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