Paper Toss Boss Review || A Unique Game Which Released Exclusively for Smartphone!

paper toss boss review

Are you looking for a unique game with a simple gameplay? We are sure Paper Toss Boss is your best choice right now. This is an exciting game which makes all people addicted. Here, we will tell you the reason why this one is really great. Pay attention to the Paper Toss Boss review.


paper toss boss gameplay

At the first glance, this game is really simple. Your task in this game only throws a thrash into the basket. Of course, there are many types of trash you need to throw such as paper, fruits, and so on. In order to pass each stage, you need to reach a certain score. You can say this one like an objective you need to fulfill. Do not forget to use a special power to make easier. There are many power-up items which scatter around the stage. Be sure to throw your trash to get it. If you want something funny, you can use a bomb, if there is a person nearby they will surprise and ran away.

Many Stage Variations

This game not only focuses on the workplace. You can also visit another place such as an airport. Before that, you need to unlock the stage requirements. Also, if you throw a bomb, you can destroy some property on the stage which is really great to see. If you love to destroy something, this game can grant your wishes.

Graphics Aspects

For the graphic aspects, it uses 2D. We think it better uses 3D graphics instead. It will make this amazing.  But the graphics quality still good to see. Especially the blast effects. Remember, do not value the game only on the quality of the graphics. There are tons of game which are really great even though it has the bad quality images.

Is it Paper Toss Boss Worth Your Time?

We say for sure you need to play this game at all cost. This is a simple game which can make you enjoy your day. If you are a type of gamer who loves to play a simple one, download it right away. As for the score, we give it 80. A great game does not need a great graphics and amazing gameplay but it can offer an enjoyment for all the players who play it.


So, do you already download the game? If so, how is your thoughts about it? Tell us in the comment section below. To make you enjoy the game more, we have Paper Toss Boss hack to obtain the main currency in the game through our generator.


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