Paper Toss Boss Tips for Beginners to Get a High Score and More Paper Points

paper toss boss tips

Wanna get some Paper Toss Boss tips to get a high score? If you really want to know then, you have come to the right place because there are some tips that you can see here. We already prepare everything that you need to know to get a high score and more Paper Points. So, without wasting time anymore, let us just start to read the tips below!

Focus While Throwing

The first thing that we should do in order to throw the paper straight into the basket is to always focus. If we have enough focus, it would be easier to throw it in and get a score or even more. But, if we do not focus, we will miss the target a lot and of course, it is not a good news for us. So, make sure to be focussed while throwing the paper.

Use the Feeling

When we are about to throw the paper into the basket, we need to use our feeling so we can throw the paper inside the basket. If we do not use the feeling while throwing the paper, it would be hard for us to get a score. As we know that there is a fan which will change the paper’s direction. And there is an indicator of where how strong the wind will blow. That is why we need to use our feeling to make sure that we choose the right direction to throw it.

Throw the Paper into the Basket Without a Miss

Now, we will tell you how to get a lot of Paper Points and the first thing that you should do is not to miss while throwing the paper. By not missing a single throw, we will increase the multiplier which located on the right side of our device screen. The multiplier is functioned to multiply the number of Paper Points that we will obtain for each paper that get into the basket.

Use Power-Ups

In this game, there are some power-ups that we can buy and use to help us in the game. There are five different power-ups that we can use such as Bigger Basket to make the basket size become bigger, Rewind to rewind our previous throw, Basket Vacuum to pulls our thrown paper for one throw, Off Switch to turn off the fan once, and Multiplier Boost to increase our multiplier value by 1X. But, the last power-up is not always available as it just available periodically.


Use our Paper Toss Boss tips right now after you have read all the tips above. We are sure that you will get better if you follow it all. And before you leave our website, just visit this Paper Toss Boss Hack link first. We can get so many Paper Points as we want just by using a generator tool.


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