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pet rescue saga beginner tips

Pet Rescue Saga is an entertaining puzzle game which you can enjoy in your leisure time. If you ever played Blossom Blast or Candy Crush, you can find the similarity between both of them. We almost forgot why we are here. In order to make this one awesome than before, check out Pet Rescue Saga beginner tips we create exclusively for you. For all players who recently played the game, you can see our simple tips to help you.

Pet is the Top Priority

pet rescue saga gameplay

Almost all the stage objective is to rescue your pet. You can destroy the same block color to save them. You must remember this objective at all cost. This game not only about the player who gets the higher score. You also need to save your pet from harm. Of course, you cannot do it endlessly, there is a time limit. If the time limit already up and you cannot rescue all of them, game over screen already waiting for you.

Limited Moves

Not only you have limited time but also limited moves. That is why you need to plan to move your block in the right way. If you do it randomly it will only waste your moves. We recommend you start it from the bottom block. It will make thing easier in the future.

Booster Items

pet rescue saga booster items

Like always in this kind of game, you will find a booster item. Of course, it is really useful to help you in your journey in this game. You can get the items randomly on the stage. If you want an easy access, just buy it on the store. If you really need it, you can use the method which we tell you. Remember, you must use your precious currency which is gold bars.


The annoying thing in this game. For players who do not aware, this game uses an energy system. It will decrease each time you enter the stage. To refill it, you need to wait for the cooldown or ask your friends to give it. We recommend do not enter the stage which you doubt to win. It will waste all the energy.

Final Words

That is the tips to play this game effectively. Is it helpful? If so, we really glad many users satisfied with our tips. Before we forgot, do not forget to try Pet Rescue Saga hack. You will get unlimited currency right away along with another bonus through our awesome tool. Last but not least, you can visit game guide section to find another one to help your journey.


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