Pet Rescue Saga Modes Guide || Know All Three Modes In this Game!

pet rescue saga modes guide

This cute puzzle game indeed becomes a hot topic right now. Our friends play this game non-stop. We also do the same because of their influence. In order to spread this game popularity, we made Pet Rescue Saga modes guide. Here, we will give you the information about the three modes in this game. For you who want to know more details about it, read the article until the end.

Modes Guide             

At the first glance, all modes serve the same objective. But, it is not true if you pay attention to each of them. Here, we will explain the details to you.

Rescue Mode

pet rescue saga rescue mode

In this mode, you are not only blast off the box but also rescue a specific animal in the process. For the first time, you need to save all animals on the stage. Later on, you only save a specific one. For example, the mission objective is to save the tiger. If you save another animal you will fail the stage for sure. That is why you need to stay to the objective. Do not ever rescue another one or you will fail. Of course, it is quite difficult because if you accidentally blast a certain block and it is near the pet you do not rescue, you will face game over screen.

Classic Mode

Here, you need to remove a certain block. For example, you need to destroy 100 blocks within the time limit. We almost forgot to tell you, in classic mode, you will fight against the time limit. Be sure to complete the requirements before the time limit ends. Stay calm is the key in this mode, it is futile if you make a wrong move.

Puzzle Mode

pet rescue saga puzzle mode

The last mode. In this mode, you only need to reach a certain score and the stage will complete. We know you think this one is really simple. But, it is unlikely to be true. This one is really hard because there is some block which you need to destroy before you can get the score. If you do not know the trick how to destroy it, the time limit will decrease quickly and you need to redo from the beginning.

Final Words

Now, you already know how hard the three modes in this game. You must use your gamer skill to play this one. If you need another help such as currency. Just use Pet Rescue Saga hack. You can get unlimited currency for free through our tool. There is no limit usage, do not need to hesitate anymore.


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