Phantom Chaser Basic Guide || Understand the Mechanism of the Game Right Away!

phantom chaser basic guide

It seems many RPG games released on the smartphone this past year. Surprisingly most of them have a similar gameplay. Although it is quite same, all people still enjoyed it. Do you know about a game called Phantom Chaser? This is the newest RPG which you can play on the mobile. For you who want to understand the game more, use our Phantom Chaser basic guide to understand about it. We know how hard to understand the mechanism if you do not pay attention.

Transcend System

In the first time of the game, you cannot use this one at all. So, what is anyway? In order to use it, your character you need to reach the level cap. In other words, you need to increase your character level to 100. That is the maximum level your character can reach. It is really useful to transcend your character. It will increase their power and get extra skill in the process.


You can see evolution menu clearly as the sky. Do you notice your character have a star on it? If you want to make them stronger, you need to increase the star through the evolution. You need some materials before you can evolve. The best place to get the materials without a doubt is the special mission. Each character has different materials, so choose the suitable dungeon for them.

Jin’s Lab

This is a useful lab indeed. Here, you craft new phantom to strengthen your characters. This is probably the place which you visit regularly. If you are lucky, you will get powerful phantom depend on the material you give. Not only that but also you can get rare evolution materials from this place. As the exchange, you need to pay with your limited currency.

phantom chaser gameplay

Artifact Chests

This is a chest which can grant your wishes. There are many possibilities in this chest if you are lucky. For the first time, the chest will open in 1 minute. Each time it will increase to 5 minutes. Also, we recommend you do not waste your precious star stones to open this one. Just wait for a while. Remember, you will get a random reward. If you do not want to take any risk, just wait for a while to obtain it.


You already know the basic to play this game. If you still need a help, we can help you with Phantom Chaser hack. This is free and everyone can use it without any problem to get unlimited star stones. Do not need to worry, our tool does not have any limited usage.


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