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phantom chaser review

Are you looking for a new RPG on the smartphone? If so, you can play Phantom Chaser. This is the newest RPG game which captures everyone heart because of the amazingness. Even though it has the same playstyle like the usual one on the smartphone, every people still enjoyed it. See all the details about this on our Phantom Chaser review.


The gameplay is same as usual RPG genre. So, we do not need to explain you all of them. What you need is watch the character do the normal attack and touch the skill button to unleash the skill. It is really easy and you can do without any problem. Below, we will explain the unique system of this game.

Mimic System

This is what we really like from this game. The mimic system or also known as supporting units. In this game, if a character dies and you set a back-up for them, you can change into the backup character immediately to replace it. Also, if the character have a match elements, the back-up character can use the skill. Before that happen, you need to set the backup character in the mimic menu. Be sure to link all characters with the same elements in order to use another skill.

Graphics Quality

This game uses 3D graphics which is really awesome to see. We really like when the character unleashes the skill. The animation effects really outstanding. We do not have any complaint about the graphics aspects. For people who love to play RPG game with a good graphics, this is the suitable you should play!

phantom chaser gameplay

Pros & Cons


  • Mimic system is really helpful to fight against stronger enemy
  • Stunning graphics quality. You will surprise with the quality for sure
  • Good characters design


  • This game have same gameplay like usual RPG for the smartphone
  • You will get bored because of the repetitive quest
  • It is hard to get the currency. This one really important to summon stronger characters
  • Sometimes the game will force close because of the unknown error


Give out your comments about this game. As for us, we give 75, as the score. For people who already downloaded the game, we have special present which can satisfy you, click Phantom Chaser hack to get premium currency for free through our tool. This is like dream come true, that is why do not let this chance go away. We are sure you really need it.


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