Prize Claw Basic Guide || Follow Our Method to Play this Game Without Any Problem!

prize claw basic guide

This game reminds us of the real prize claw in the game center. We are sure some of you already tried to play the game before. Of course, this one is similar like that. For people who have a bad luck to play the real one, you can try this game on the smartphone instead. To help you in your journey, we offer Prize Claw basic guide.

Take Advantage of Power-up items

To make the game more fun, the developer of the game implemented a power-up item to make it easier. As a good player, you need to take advantage of this one. Of course, you cannot choose the item you want to use because it is generated randomly two times in the stage. But if you get the one which strengthens your claw strength, you are very lucky because you can get the prize instantly.

prize claw basic guide

Puzzle Pieces

We are sure you notice there is a side mission on each stage. If you collect certain prize you will get a puzzle piece. If you collect all the puzzle pieces you can trade it with a good merchandise. Do you want to know what kind of prize you will get? Unfortunately, we cannot tell you. Try for yourself, we do not want to spoil you.


We are sure you know very well how hard to obtain coins in this game. For you who have a hard time, we will tell you the secret guide. Play any stage and do not do anything unless you see a coin which has a number 5 on it. Grab it right away to obtain free 5 coins. To increase the appearance rate of the coin, do not choose the early stage because it takes too long to pop-up.

Move Usage

You have limited move usage in this game. You need to use it carefully. We recommend if you fail twice in a row, restart the stage immediately. Believe it or not, if you continue, you will fail the stage even more. Do not need to feel shame about retrying. If you can become better it is not a big problem at all.

Final Words

Indeed this game is really interesting. We are sure you agree with our opinion. Especially with our guide around, you do not have any problem anymore. In case of emergency, we also prepared Prize Claw hack. If you have a big problem, use it to generate free currency. It will help you a lot.


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