Prize Claw Starter Guide || The Important Things You Can Do in this Game!

prize claw starter guide

Prize Claw indeed one of the interesting game on the smartphone. It is like you play the real claw machine. The mechanism of this game is similar to the real one. If you ever played it before, you will not find any problem. But there are some aspects of the game which you need to know. For that sole reason, we created Prize Claw starter guide.

Aim for Bonus Capsules

Sometimes, you will see a capsule on the stage. Do not ignore this one, you must pick it immediately before it goes away completely. For you who do not the function of it, we will tell you right away. If you manage to get one, it will increase your success rate and bonus reward at the end of the stage. This item really helpful in a pinch if you use it right.

prize claw gameplay

Coins and Gems are Your Life in this Game

We know you know these two currencies. Without coins, you can process to the next stage. That is why this one is really essential for you. If you do not have a method to get it, we recommend you watch an advertisement video to earn it per day. As for the gems, this is the premium currency. In other words, you can get it by using your real money. This one also has the important function similar to coins. Be sure you save up both currencies before you regret it.

Passive Bonuses

You can see it on the home menu screen. If you manage to collect certain pet, let says four set of monkey. If you can do it, you will get a bonus on the stage. For example, it will boost the success rate of your catch, increase the time limit or the appearance of booster capsule. You can see which animals have an amazing buff.

Do not Forget to Spin the Wheel

prize claw wheel

Each day, you can spin a wheel to obtain a reward from it. If you are lucky, you can get 50 gems. Also, you need to know, the reward will not get reset. For example, you already get 25 gems from the wheel. In the next day, you will not see it again until next month.


That is the starter guide which can help you through the game. Of course, we do not need to tell you how to catch the prize easily because it is based on your own skill and luck factor. If you have another question, write down in the comment section to seek our help or use Prize Claw hack. We do not need to tell you about this because you already what it is.


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