Robbery Bob Tips and Tricks To Be a Skillful Thief

Robbery Bob Tips and Tricks

Have you played the wacky game called Robbery Bob? It’s a funny game where you can become a silly thief who broke into a house stealthy and stealing stuff. Bob is an escaped convict, he’s just got out from prison because of someone’s favor. Now, he must return the favor by stealing stuff for the man. If you play this game, you will experience a funny and hilarious gameplay. To make Bob into a skillful thief, there are lots of to think about. Today, I want to give you some Robbery Bob tips and tricks you can learn.

I’ve been playing this game for many months now and I must say that I’m addicted to the game. Because of my experience, I know a thing or two about this game. So, let’s learn the tips and tricks below.

Robbery Bob Tips and Tricks

Robbery Bob Gameplay

1. Stealth Is Not Everything

Well, although that this game is about stealing stuff in broad daylight, you probably think stealth is a must. At one point you’re right, but stealth is not everything. If the circumstances push you to do things loudly, then you must go loud and try to avoid any guards and people in the house by keeping running. Running created lot of noises but it’s a good way to run away and avoid getting busted.

2. Witnesses

This game is so funny, and the one factor that makes this game so hilarious is the witness. When you break into the house, you will encounter guards or ordinary people. When a guard notices you, you will be pursued by running guard. The funny moments are where you are chased by a grandmother. She will chase you but run so slowly and that gives you the chance to escape fast. There’s also a dog. If a dog notices you, it will get closer to you and keep barking. The bark will make everyone in the house notice and come to your position.

3. Additional Features

If you always keep failing, you can improve Bob’s ability. You can increase his stamina, stealthiness, and magnet picker. You can also carry items that can distract guards and dog. To improve Bob’s abilities and have items, you need Coins. To get Coins easily, you can use Robbery Bob hack tool. By using such tool, you can get unlimited Coins to have fun in the game.


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