Roll The Ball Solving Guide, Tips to Reach Your Target Movement!

solving guide

Roll the Ball is the best game ever. Each stage comes with various difficulties. The highest stage you reach, the hardest game you play. Each stage also has different target movement where you need to reach it or maybe below it in order to get 3 stars for the stage. Many players get difficulties while doing this one, that is why we make a guide to solve it.

To reach your target movement, there are some tips that you have to do. You must follow these all to win the game with 3 stars, we also have a secret guide for you that you can move without any doubts as you have the hints.

Stay Relax, Think More

If you play kind of brain games. You must stay relax because you have cold minded to solve each obstacle you face. Roll The Ball also need this one, as we mentioned before, it comes with different difficulties level. You have to stay relaxed if you want to solve it. You can listen to classical music if you want.

Simulate the Stage in Your Mind Before Moving Each Block

You have to simulate in your brain before moving the block, if you move the block then your movement would be increased. If your movement is more than your target, then you will not earn 3 stars which means you are not a cool player. So, you have to think first about the patter for each stage.

Choose Classic Mode to Learn the Game

If you are a first-time player, then you have to choose classic mode because it can help you a lot to play the game at each stage would be easier to solve even for your kids. It can help us to sharpen our strategy before jumping out to the difficult one. Make sure, you give your full attention while playing this game as you can earn something from each stage you solve.

Use Your Hints to Know the Pattern

Hints are the premium currency in this game. You would have 3 hints when you install and play this game. If you want to get it more, then you have to buy it with your money. However, we have a great alternative way for you who want to get hints to your account within spending a single penny from your pocket. You can read more about Roll The Ball hack!

Hopefully, this guide can help you to play Roll The Ball, do not forget to read this solving guide as it would be something to enlighten your mind while playing this game. Just follow all steps above and complete all the stages with your thought.


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