Seven Knights Guide for Arena || Reach the Top Immediately


Arena mode, the most challenging place in Seven Knights game. This is where are the players compete for each other to become number one. But, there is one factor which makes people hate this mode. All the players cannot control their heroes, so it all depends on luck. Actually, there are some strategies you can apply when entering this mode. Here, we will give you the list in Seven Knights guide.

Arena Guide

seven knights arena

Bring a Heroes Which Have an Immune Effects

Be sure all of your characters have this. It is really important to withstand any damage from your opponent. Our recommend characters are Miho, Klahan, Lu Bu, and Rin. This four is the best one to do the job. Especially Miho who can prevent your characters get a debuff for two turns. For the finishing, we have Lu Bu who can deal a piercing damage to four opponents. This team is perfect for the Arena.

Max Out Your Limit Break

Limit Break is really important to increase your character’s status even further. Of course, it is required a shard which you get in Exploration mode. The first status you need to enhance is the Attack and Defense. For the rest, you can ignore it until you have enough shards.

Choose Weapon Which Increase Attack Speed

The first one who strikes first in the Arena will become the winner. That is why we recommend you to choose the weapon with enhancing your attack speed. Especially when you bring a hero with a slow speed attack. Not only the weapon but also there are some accessories which can increase your attack speed too.

Add a Pet

seven knights pet

The next one you should mind is a pet. Do not forget to bring this one because it is really useful. It buffs your entire characters to get additional power. We recommend Dello as the pets. It will increase your damage and critical hits by 15%. It all thanks to the new update which give a pet to boost the heroes performance.

Bring an Awakened Hero

seven knights awaken hero

This is only optional. Believe it or not, awaken skill can turn the tide of battle. For example like Karin’s awaken skill which deals revived all characters and give immune shield for three times. Before that, you need Awakening Shards to evolve your hero.


If you already prepared before entering the Arena, you will be fine. We are sure after you read our guide, you will find your way to beat the Arena. This is the right time to become a  badass player immediately


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