Seven Knights Guide || The Method to Collect Rubies Quickly!


Hey guys, are you still playing Seven Knights? Do you have a difficulty to collect rubies? If the answer is yes, we ready to help you reduce your problem. After a year playing the game, we finally found a great way to collect the rubies quickly. Are you curious about it? Calm down guys, you can see the guide below which can help you to obtain it quickly.


seven knights arena

This place is the best one to get rubies. Each week after the Arena calculation rank, you can get Rubies along with Topaz depends on your rank. That is why you need to climb to become the number one even though is quite hard to achieve. We recommend you to enter the Arena regularly each day (Three times). If you keep winning without losing any single match, just offer your rubies to continue. Because it is the sign that you can still win in the Arena.

Tartarus Tower

seven knights tartarus

Each time you finish the floor, you will get 5 rubies. You cannot get it everyday unfortunately. Each floor only available for once a week. Each week it will reset automatically, so you can enter it again. What you need to prepare in this tower is a long battle which can take around 10-15 minutes. Just turn on auto-play and 3x animation speed. The opponent is not really stronger but they will appear again and your character will not restore their HP. Bring a weapon which can deal an absorb damage is a must.


This game has varieties of an event which grant you a tremendous amount of rubies. The newest one is the anniversary event. You can get 77 rubies two times. You can also check the official fan page on Facebook to know the latest event. Patience is the key in this kind of game. In order to get what you want, you need to relax and keep playing this.

Level Up Your Heroes

seven knights level up

This is the best method which you can do repeatedly. Each time you level up your heroes until 30. You will get 5 Rubies which only applied for the new one. As for the old heroes which already obtained, you only get 2 rubies. We recommend each time you get a hero, just level it up immediately. It does not matter good or bad one, your aim only the ruby. Do not need to worry about a key to enter the stage. Netmarble, the developer of the game is quite generous to give you free keys everyday.


If you know the tricks, obtain the rubies is not really hard as you think. Hopefully, this Seven Knights guide can help you to get the tremendous amount of rubies each day. We pray for your success guys. Prepare your best knights and charge the enemy immediately.


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