Shadow Fight 3 Equipment Guide, How to Build your Equip!

equipment guide

We all know the equipment is the most important part of Shadow Fight 3. Besides our ability to play the game, equipment also has the biggest effect on our winning chance. Choosing the right equipment is not an easy thing especially to get the legendary type. That is why we would like to share equipment guide for you. So, then you can learn how to build your equip.

Legendary type is a really difficult thing, we can get them by purchasing with gems. However, gems are the premium currency in this game. We can earn gems in this game but it gives a very little value. If you wish to get many gems then you have to decide to purchase it from their in-app purchase.

While having many gems we can buy legendary type. Then, we can beat our opponents but make sure you have a great skill to play this game. We also have the best solution to get free gems to this game. It could be said as a glitch. You can now try our Shadow Fight 3 hack to get them for free.

How to Build an Equipment Set

This is the most important part. To build the best equipment set, make sure you use the same type as it will give you additional attribute. Do not use different equip as it is a common mistake that every player did. If you have many gems, why do not we purchase the legendary equipment which is of the same type?

Once again, if you want to get Legendary equipment. You can refer to the link above. It will help you get many gems within a min. So, you can do anything in this game. People who have many premium currencies in a game. They tend to be the leader in the game as their power would be very powerful than others.

Fill Out Your Equipment Slot

The basic step to build your equipment is to equip all slot whether is it a common equip or legendary equip. Do not skip any slot as they can contribute more ability for your characters. Many players tend to use a few equipment because they just think about legendary equipment.

As the conclusion, building equipment in Shadow Fight 3 is a must. Besides our great fighting skill to beat our opponents. An equipment set also important to help us survive on the stage and kill our enemies. That is why you have to read this guide properly to know how to build your equip.


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