Ski Safari 2 Beginners Guide || Master the Game Completely With Our Guide!

ski safari 2 beginners guide

Ski Safari 2 is one of the exciting game on the smartphone. We are sure you already tried it and you can feel the amazingness. This one teaches you to become a pro ski. Whether you can complete the challenge or not, it depends on you. Here, we will help you with Ski Safari 2 beginners guide. If you have a difficulty in this game, just use our help immediately.

Be Cautious When You Flip

The first thing in this game you must master is the flip technique. In order to flip greatly, you cannot swipe the touchscreen too hard or your character will fall and game over screen for you. Just flick it gently. Remember this game will evaluate your technique. The better you do it, the more score you will earn at the end of the stage.

Perform a Trick at Jump Point

Well, most people will perform a trick everywhere without considering anything. If you want to get a perfect grade and score. The jump point is the best you can perform a trick. Especially the higher jump point, you will perform many tricks if you can find one. You can also take advantage of jump point to increase your snowboard speed.

Booster Items

Once again, booster item like a miracle in this game. You will become invincible and easily pass through any stage without any problem. Do not need to worry if you see a rock or another obstacle, just bump into it. Of course, this one is not unlimited. That is why before the effect wears off, take a safe position to avoid an unnecessary accident. If you are a smart gamer, you will act quickly and create a countermeasure against it.

ski safari 2 gameplay

Save Up Your Coins

The main currency of the game. In the beginning, we really happy how easy to earn coins. But, as you progress even further, the game is really annoying. Only a specific stage which gives you coins as the reward. You do not need to ask how important this currency. If you do not have it, you cannot upgrade your snowboard or purchase booster items.


That is the four tips which we give you to play this game effectively. If you still have a problem, you already know which website you should visit. In case you have a big trouble, write down your problem and we will help you as fast as possible. You can also use Ski Safari hack if you need unlimited coins.


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