Ski Safari 2 Tips || Overcome All Your Problems With Our Tips!

ski safari 2 tips

Do you love Ski? If so, you must download Ski Safari 2 on the Play Store. We are sure you will like it very much. It will train you to become the pro skier. If you afraid to do it directly, you can play this game instead to get the similar feel. To make it more perfect, you can use Ski Safari 2 tips from ours to overcome all the problem.

Adjust Your Position

When you see a jumping point, your character will jump and perform a trick. We recommend you adjust your position first before performing the trick. The stage in this game is quite harsh. If you do not have any good position when landing, your character will fall and face game over screen. If you already knew the road pattern, you can do anything you want. But if you do not know, adjust your position is the best thing you can do.


This is the objective of this game. In order to pass each stage, you need to reach a certain score. For people who do not know. You can play the game even though you already reach the score. This is your greatest chance to collect more score and earn extra rewards in return. If you think you have enough score, just make your character fall down to end the stage.

ski safari 2 gameplay

Take a Picture

What do you mean by this? We are sure you confused about this. Do you see the camera icon on the right side of the screen when you enter a stage? If you touch the camera, you can get a screenshot of the game. Sometimes, the game has an event which you need to show your amazing trick with a photo. That is why you need to save up your best trick in order to show it to the world.

Collect All Coins in the Stage

Each stage has coins which you can collect. We recommend do not miss any of it. If you have difficulties to collect coins, this is one of the best ways to get it. Especially if you combine with power-up item, you can get double coins as the result. If you want to get 100% completion, this is one of the requirement you need to fulfill.

Final Words

What do you think of it? We are sure you already know how to play this game effectively. For people who still have a lot of questions, do not hesitate to give us a comment. We ready to help anytime. You can also use Ski Safari 2 hack to obtain the premium currency.


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