Slugterra Dark Waters Gems Function, Learn how to Manage Your Gems!

gems function

After sharing the guide, we would like to share a really useful information while playing Slugterra Dark Waters. We all know playing this game is not an easy thing to do we have to know all the function of its game. The important thing to know is gems function where we should manage it carefully as that is the main currency we can earn in this game.

So, to manage your gems. You have to buy something useful for your characters. Make sure it could be an asset for your future. Gems have a great function to help us play this game easily. It would be the best part of our adventure.

Managing gems require a math skill. For example, if you only have 100 gems in your account then you have to spend a half amount of it. Do not be so rush spending all gems because you may require it sometimes.

I Do Not Have Gems

Do not worry, we all know this function is really crucial but we have an alternative way where you can get free gems. You may refer to the article here!. Read all the instruction and follow the guide as you have to choose gems package there.

Now, after you have enough gems. Make sure you save it. As its function is really important. Please keep in your mind that you only able to spend it on this following list.

  1. Buy weapon
  2. Upgrade your characters
  3. Buy a new companion

Remember that you have to buy those 3 parts with gems. For the rest, you can use coins. Do not worry, you can earn coins easily in this game.

I think that is all what, we can share with you in this chance, we hope you can enjoy playing this game. Anyway, we just want to inform you that you should not use any APK file if you want to play it for real. Any kinds of APK does not allow you to save your game progress in Google Play account. So be wise!


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