Slugterra Dark Waters Slug Guide! || Check out the Best Slug For Your Team!

slugterra dark watters slug guide

If you are looking for a good action game, this one is the best one out there for Smartphone. Hurry up download the game to feel the amazing sensation of it. Now, for the player who already played the game, which slug do you choose to become the main member? If you cannot decide, we create Slugterra slug guide which can help you. For further information, see it below.

Slug Guide

slugterra dark waters best slug

What is Slug?

It is like a pet in RPG game. This one can help you through the stage. They can defeat an enemy after you input the command or help you in the investigation. This useful creature really something. That is why you need to take advantages of it.


The first slug you obtained in the game. It can shoot a fireball from its mouth. So, we considered this one as a fire type creature. Burpy also have an AOE attack called Flashfire. It can damage the enemy within range. Also, this guy immune to fire attack. If you find a fire enemy do not forget to let this one out. The powerful move Wingburst which deal a flying type move to the enemy. So, this one not only about fire attack! Are you looking for a good attacker? Burphy is your choice then.


If Burphy can unleash a fire breath from his mouth, this one can zap the opponent with a shock of electricity. If you are looking for the slug which has the best agility, Joules is the only one which can satisfy you. Even though the damage it is not really destructive it is enough to make the opponent paralyze.


Now, let us move to the support slug. The named is Doc, he is ready to heal your HP and another slug in the party. Not only heal the HP but also cure negative status. Unfortunately, this creature cannot attack. That is why you need to protect Doc while he cast healing magic. Add a healer to your team is become one of the keys to achieve victory.


This one specializes in area attack. Although the first time Stinky is quite weak, if you train him correctly, he will become the powerful assets of your party. If you see a horde of enemies come into you. Just summon this one to unleash a big bomb which explodes in a wide range. Do not need to worry, you will not receive the explosion damage.


That is the 4 slugs which can help you in a pinch. Of course, there are still many slugs which you can choose. There is total of 21 slugs,  that is why we give you the guide to choose the best one because you have limited party capacity. Also, if you have a problem to get currency in this game, just use Slugterra Dark Waters hack. It is completely free.


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