Sonic Dash 2 Items Guide || Find Out the Usefulness Right Away!

sonic dash 2 items guide

Sonic Dash 2 is not only about running. You as a good gamer also need pay attention to another aspect such as items. This one also important to help you on the stage. We are sure most people do not understand the mechanism of items. That is why for today, we offer you Sonic Dash 2 Items Guide to reveal the function of it. After you read the guide, you can take advantage of it in the game.

Items Guide

Gold Ring

sonic dash 2 gold ring

The important items which you can get on the stage. The placement of this item is random. So, how about the function of it? It can shield your character from the enemy. Each time you bump the enemy in the way, your gold ring automatically decrease. But, you need to be cautious because the gold ring is one of the requirement to finish the stage. That is why do not always bump your enemy because of the protection of the rings.


Probably you already know this item function quite well. This is one of the important items in an endless running game. It can attract rings on the stage. In other words, you do not need to run through the rings to get it because it will come to you. This is the best method to collect more Rings in the game.


sonic dash 2 magnet

Your character will be protected for a short period of time. Be sure to get it if you meet one. The shield can protect you from all enemies attack and another accident like a missile. Also, when your character falls, you will automatically get revive. Is it really convenient, right?

Red Star Ring

This is the important item which you must have at all cost. If you have this one, you can upgrade your character abilities. To make it more perfect, when your character dies on the stage, just revive the character with the red star ring. Of course, you cannot find this one easily. You can only find it in the secret area. If you ask us where the secret area is, we cannot answer your questions because it is generated randomly in each stage.

Final Words

This game is quite simple. But, be sure to take advantage of the items in the game. It will help you a lot and make your game easier to play. Before we part away, we have the greatest gift for you which is Red Star Rings. Just click Sonic Dash 2 hack to generate it for free.


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