Sonic Dash 2 Running Tips || The Simple Tips Which You Can Follow

sonic dash 2 running tips

After the successful Sonic Dash on the mobile device. The developer, Sega make the sequel entitled Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom. The fans of Sonic must wait for the game for ages to come into public. Of course, we do not need to ask about the game good or bad. We already know the answer. Now to make your gameplay more perfect we already prepared running tips which can help you through the game.

Avoid Unnecessary Battle

sonic dash 2 enemies

This game is not about running only. You can also battle the enemy when you run. Even though you get a coin when beating them. It is not wise to battle them if the condition is not really good. For example, you find three enemies, we recommend you avoid it. Because all of them can attack you simultaneously. It will ruin your lives.

Use Dash Frequently

sonic dash 2 dash skill

Of course, all users already know the specialty of the blue hedgehog. It is about the dash skill. Sonic can run really fast with it and destroy all the enemies along the way. Just charge sonic into the enemies with a dash to destroy them in one hit. In order to use it, you must collect all the blue orbs which scatter around the stage.

Collect Red Star Rings

sonic dash 2 red star rings

If you want to continue your run without stopping, collect red star rings is the best option for all of you. It will give you a chance to run again if you face game over screen. Also, it can power-up your character abilities which are really great. Be sure to pick up this ring on the stage (Only available in secret area).

Secret Area

While you run, sometimes you will see a branch road. Choose one of them will lead to the secret area which has tons of coins and red star rings. Of course, you cannot choose the secret area because it is generated randomly.

Do not let the Enemy Attack You

If the enemy attacks you, not only your health decreases but also your running speed. So, is it really that bad? Of course, it is! Because this game has a time limit in each stage. That is why run as fast as possible. If you become slower, there is a chance you will fail on the stage. If you are not sure to beat the enemy, we recommend you avoid by jumping through them.

Final Words

Hopefully, Sonic Dash 2 running tips can help you to overcome your problem. If you still have a problem, do not hesitate to ask us a solution. Do not forget to try Sonic Dash 2 hack which gives you Gold Ring for free.


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