Sparta War of Empires Beginners Tips || Become the Greatest Player in the Game!

sparta war of empires beginners tips

This game is quite hard if you do not understand the mechanism of it. Especially for people who never play strategy game. It will be hard for them to progress faster. That is why we offer you Sparta War of Empires beginners tips. We can help you to understand the game easily. What are you waiting for? Read the article through the end.


If you see any resources points, collect it immediately. It is really crucial to have a huge amount of resources to upgrade your building from the start. For you who do not know what you need to do in this game, you can focus on collecting resources and upgrade your building. If your building does not have a good defense, the enemy can easily destroy it. If you lost all the building, it will be hard to train your troops and do another activity in the game.

Leave Your Troops to Guard the Building

When you begin attacking the enemy territory, do not bring all your troops. Leave some of them to guard your building. Not only you who can attack enemy territory but also the enemy can do the same. We recommend you choose the unit which has the highest defense power. If you have it, your opponent will have a hard time to destroy your troops.


Before you engage this mode, choose the strong fighter you have. In this mode, you will fight against many opponents at once. If you do not have troops which have a tremendous power it is really hard to win. Do not need to worry, great reward already waiting for the player who manages to become the winner.

sparta war of empires gameplay

Send a Scout

Engage an enemy base camp is not easy as you think. You need to have a great plan. That is why for the starter, you need to spy on their territory. This is the right job of the scout. Just send some of them to spy your enemy. After that, the scout will give you details information about the enemy. Remember, always do this before you battle against the enemy. It can prevent you from destruction.


Follow our simple tips to become the great player. We ensure it will help your journey in this game. Now, for the people who have a hard time to collect gold in the game, just use Sparta War of Empires hack. You can generate it anytime you want with our tool.


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